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Police Found Handgun Hidden in Suspect’s Anus

When the police were booking a suspect after a traffic stop, they reportedly found that he had a handgun stuffed in his body by way of his anus.

Early in the morning on November 27, officers from the Evansville Police Department were patrolling when they saw a vehicle allegedly being driven without an operating license plate lightbulb, and with dark tint covering the plate.

When they tried to perform a traffic stop, the officers reported that the driver did not stop immediately, but he was driving very slowly and did not go far. They noted there were two passengers in the car with the driver, and they were all asked for identification.

When the man in the passenger’s seat was identified, the police found out that he was formerly convicted of several crimes. They asked him to get out of the car, and when he did, they reported that he consented to being patted down.

The officers reportedly found 3.5 pills stashed in the man’s sock, and he reportedly told them that they were painkillers given to him by his aunt to help with pain from a spine injury. When they asked him to spread his legs so they could continue the search, he explained that his spinal injury kept him from doing so. The police asked him if he had anything hidden, and he reportedly said he did not.

The man was taken into custody, and when he walked through a body scanner at the Vanderburgh County Jail, the authorities allegedly found a handgun hidden in his anus. He is facing multiple charges, including possession of a controlled substance – cocaine or narcotic drug, controlled substance possession – schedule I II III IV V, possession of a controlled substance – marijuana, hashish, or hash oil, possession of a firearm, unlawful carrying of a handgun, resisting law enforcement, intimidation, and weapon trafficking. He is currently being held without bond.

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