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Woman Kidnapped and Tortured by Man in Nevada

A man in Nevada accused of torturing and sexually assaulting a woman he allegedly kidnapped reportedly told the police he is not a criminal when he was arrested for the allegations.

On November 16, a woman was rushed to the University Medical Center’s trauma unit in Las Vegas after the Clark County Fire Department found her outside and severely injured.

After she was seen by medical personnel, they reported that she had bruises all over her body, her knees forearm, leg, and a finger were fractured, and she had what appeared to be puncture marks on her legs. Some of her hair was missing, and the doctors believed that it had been burned off.

When the woman discussed how she obtained the injuries, she said she was detained against her will for two days by a man who kept her bound with zip ties. She reported that he used bolt cutters to strike her and that he would let her free to sexually assault her while recording it.

The alleged victim gave details to the police about the man she said attacked her, and she told them where he lived. Officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department went to the address she supplied, and they found that no one was home.

According to reports, the police found the suspect hiding behind a car in the parking lot. He reportedly said the woman was at his house, but he denied harming her.

The man was taken into custody and booked into the Clark County Detention Center. He is facing several preliminary felonies, including charges of first-degree arson, domestic battery with a deadly weapon causing bodily harm, domestic battery with a deadly weapon, first-degree kidnapping involving sex, and two counts of sexual assault with a deadly weapon. Currently, he is being held without bail, and he has a court date scheduled for December 5.

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