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Police Get Doped Up During Drug Arrest

While arresting three suspects for drug-related crimes, two Long Island police officers were in need of medical attention after being exposed to one of the substances.

Early Saturday morning, around 12:40 am, patrolling officers saw a Toyota sitting in the parking lot of a movie theater and they went up to the vehicle to find out what was going on.

When they approached the vehicle they reportedly found 31-year-old David Lyons sitting in the driver’s seat with his assumed partner, 31-year-old Grace Lyons in the passenger seat next to him. A man identified as 36-year-old Deron Barnes was allegedly an additional passenger.

It was reported that the police could see what they allege was a bag filled with substances that appeared to be drugs inside the vehicle, in addition to several types of paraphernalia such as hypodermics and crack pipes. The officers purported that the items were the property of Barnes and the Lyons’.

The officers believed that the drugs had the appearance of heroin, crack, and fentanyl, and they began to take the trio of suspects into custody. During the detainment, Barnes reportedly took off and forced the police to pursue him in a foot chase.

When they caught up with him Barnes was arrested, but not before he allegedly administered some blows by kicking and elbowing the officers.

After the alleged drugs were collected, two of the officers reported that they didn’t feel right and it was suspected that the substance believed to be fentanyl had such a strong potency that it caused them to become drugged through contact with it. They were quickly taken to the hospital for medical intervention.

David and Grace Lyons, and Deron Barnes were arraigned, and they are facing charges for seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. Barnes’ alleged attempt to escape, and scuffle with the police, has added a charge of resisting arrest for him.

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