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Police Smoke Out Illegal Pot Grow During Burglary Bust

The authorities allegedly uncovered a large illegal marijuana grow site when responding to a call for help after eight people reportedly burglarized the home.

Around 12:30 am on January 27, a couple who live in a house in Menifee, California called the authorities to report a possible burglary being committed by several suspects.

When the police arrived, they reported that someone that appeared to be male was dashing out the front door. When they interacted with him, he was identified as Vincente Huerta Lara.

A helicopter equipped with an infrared device came to the assistance of the officers to try to locate all of the possible suspects.

The officers on the ground inspected the area and reported that there were indications of a possible break-in.

They also located a loaded gun, and a man identified as Manuel Alvarez from Richmond in the yard next door. He was purported to be one of the suspects they were seeking in connection to the reported burglary.

The police went into the house and spoke with the residents, and they learned that money and personal items were allegedly stolen by the intruders.

While they were inside, the police allegedly found 1,573 marijuana plants growing, but the couple reportedly did not have a license to cultivate.

While the helicopter scanned the area, a van with six men inside was discovered.

The authorities identified them as Jose Urenacanedo, Miguel Ochoa, Salvador Hernandez, Jose Mejia, and Deandre Hamilton, and James Cash, and asserted that they were involved in the alleged burglary.

Lara, Alvarez, Urenacanedo, Ochoa, Hernandez, Mejia, Hamilton, and Cash were taken into custody and booked. They are each facing charges for suspicion of home invasion robbery, conspiracy, and possession of stolen property.

Alvarez is expected to face additional charges for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

The couple who live in the house was placed under arrest and charged for the illegal cultivation of marijuana. Their names were not released, as they were the possible victims of a crime.

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