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Potential Juror Caught with Drugs When Entering Courthouse

A Florida woman arrived at the local courthouse to fulfill her jury duty obligations when she was allegedly found carrying drugs and paraphernalia in her pocket leading to her arrest.

39-year-old Kristine Victoria Mittler was summoned to the West Pasco Judicial Center early in the afternoon on Monday to find out if she would be selected as a juror for an upcoming trial.

An x-ray machine that is viewed by security guards stands at the entrances of the courthouse building requiring that people going inside pass through the device for a safety screening. As Mittler walked through the archway of the metal detector the alarm activated due to two foil packets that were inside of her pocket.

Authorities took possession of the packets and had the contents, which were described as being a white powder, field tested. The results allegedly showed that both of the foil packages had a total of just over half a gram of cocaine inside of them.

Deputies then inspected the contents of some of Mittler’s personal possessions and reportedly discovered a straw which was tested and found to contain the remnants of methamphetamine.

Mittler, who was not selected for jury duty that day, was placed under arrest and allegedly told the authorities that she forgot that the drugs were in her pocket when she came to the courthouse.

Mittler was taken to the Land O’Lakes Jail and booked on charges of drug possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia. She is being detained in lieu of $6000 bond.

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