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Man Stuck Holding onto Car While Ex Drove Nearly 20 Miles

On Sunday night a woman reportedly drove 19 miles reaching high speeds with her ex-boyfriend hanging onto the hood of the vehicle. She is facing charges for the allegations.

Around 10:00 p.m. on June 24, 24-year-old Patresha Isidore, and her ex-boyfriend, Junior Francis, who share a residence and a child was in the middle of an argument when Isidore decided that she wanted to leave and pick up their 5-year-old daughter from a family member with whom the child was visiting.

In an attempt to prevent Isidore from backing out of the driveway and departing in the blue Mercedes that she and Francis also co-own, he mounted the hood of the vehicle. Though Francis still had his body atop the front of the vehicle Isidore is accused of pulling out and driving off while knowing that Francis was still holding on.

Isidore allegedly drove down the city streets of Lauderhill until she reached and entered the interstate. Francis was reportedly still hanging on to the hood as she allegedly reached a speed that was estimated at 70 mph in the fast lane.

Francis was able to place a call to 911 and told them of the situation that he was in reporting that he was in need of immediate assistance because the car was swerving and he was trying not to fall off.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputies found the vehicle traveling near an intersection in West Park when Isidore was said to have ceased driving which allowed 22-year-old Francis a chance to climb off of the car. Authorities suspect that Isidore drove a total of 19 miles with her ex holding on to the hood.

Isidore was taken into custody and booked at the Lauderhill Police Department where she has been charged with one misdemeanor count of crimes against persons with culpable negligence and exposure to harm. She was released on bond after being processed.

Francis would not agree to issue an official statement about what had taken place, and he said that he did not wish to pursue the charges against Isidore.

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