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Produce Wiped on Bare Butt was Re-shelved for Purchase

A Virginia man was allegedly spotted spoiling many pallets worth of fruit at a grocery store by rubbing them on his bare bottom.

A shopper at Giant Food in Manassas, Virginia, was in the produce section when they reportedly saw a man removing his pants and wiping pieces of fruit on his naked behind. The suspect then allegedly placed the items back on the shelf.

After learning of the alleged incident an employee of the grocery store placed a call to 911 for police assistance.

When officers from the Manassas City Police Department arrived they spoke with the employee who placed the call and took a statement reflecting that the suspect ruined the produce by rubbing several pieces of it on his nude rear.

Police believe that 27-year-old Michael Dwayne Johnson, a man in the store with his friend at the time, was responsible for the reported act.

Johnson was taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure, and misdemeanor destruction of property before being released on his own recognizance.

The authorities do not think that the friend accompanying Johnson was involved in the allegations. They additionally reported that they do not know what inspired the incident, but they don’t believe Johnson’s mental health is a factor.

The grocery store reported that they got rid of the pallets of produce in order to ensure nothing was contaminated.

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