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Professor Who Wrote Corruption Book Charged for Laundering

A University of Miami professor who helped to author a book about organized crime has been accused of laundering money through Venezuela.

73-year-old Bruce Bagley is a University of Miami professor and collaborator on the book “Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime and Violence in the Americas Today,” released in 2015. He reportedly has an extensive and impressive resume revolving around the topics discussed in the book.

After investigating 17 alleged bank deposits made between 2017 and 2019, the authorities have accused Bagley of starting fake businesses so that he would have accounts in which to store money he was allegedly pilfering from deals he made in Venezuela. According to the indictment, the accounts appeared to be closed after not filing the required annual reports.

Of the estimated $3 million that was allegedly taken during the incident, Bagley is being held accountable for accepting 10% for his participation in the purported scheme.

The authorities have purported that the money was taken from someone with whom Bagley consorted that was from Columbia, who allegedly appropriated the cash from the Venezuelan people and filtered it through Bagley’s bank accounts tied to the faux businesses.

On Monday, Bagley was taken into custody for the allegations. He is facing charges for suspicion of two counts of money laundering, and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Bagley was reported as being placed on administrative leave from the university due to the allegations against him.

In a live interview with a local news reporter, Bagley stated that he is innocent of the accusations and that the authorities are wrong in their assumptions about what took place in the situation.

If he is convicted as charged, Bagley could spend up to 20-years in prison.

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