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Suspect Nearly Caused Accident After Stealing Front Loader

A Florida man is suspected of nearly causing a vehicle to crash after he allegedly stole a piece of heavy machinery from a local business and drove it down the road.

On Monday night, a passerby made a report to the authorities stating that they saw a man using a piece of clothing to protect himself from injury as he scaled a barbed-wire fence surrounding a business. The caller also reportedly watched as the man made it over the barrier and into the lot.

A front loader inside the business lot was reportedly taken by the suspect, and an officer in the vicinity stated that he witnessed the suspect leaving the lot and watched as the man began driving down the street in the piece of construction equipment.

According to three people in a vehicle that was allegedly nearly struck when the suspect was driving the front loader down the street, he reportedly almost caused their vehicle to crash. The driver reported that they were forced to quickly veer out of the way to avoid a collision.

When officers investigated the scene, it was reported that a gate on the property of the business from which the machine was taken was damaged.

The recording from an officer’s body-cam was released showing the suspect laying on the ground next to a front loader as the authorities approached with their guns drawn.

The man was identified as Isaac Butts, and he was placed under arrest. Butts is facing charges for unarmed burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief for the accusations.

The price of the allegedly stolen property was estimated at $250,000.

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