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Psychic Charged for Charging $71k to Remove Demon from Child

A Massachusetts palm reader has been accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a mother after the self-proclaimed psychic offered to rescue her daughter’s soul from demon possession.

37-year-old Tracey Milanovich was running a business in Somerset called Tracy’s Psychic Palm Reader, where the woman sold her services as a psychic and spiritual healer to her clients.

When the mother of a 10-year-old girl came to Milanovich for assistance, the palm reader allegedly informed the woman that her child was possessed, and “dead in God’s eyes.”

As a way to rectify the reported soul invasion, Milanovich allegedly told the mother that she could remove the demon from her daughter and trap it inside of a Barbie doll if she was willing to pay for the service and bring the items that were needed for the ceremony. According to the police report, Milanovich additionally warned the mother against speaking to anyone about their deal as a way to prevent against demons learning about their plan.

On December 17, the mother of the young girl got in touch with the Somerset Police Department to tell them about what had allegedly transpired between Milanovich and herself. She informed them that she had given the woman approximately $71,000, and a variety of household items to try to save her daughter.

Ten-days after the alleged victim notified the authorities, Milanovich was placed under arrest and charged with six counts of obtaining property over $250 by trick, attempt to commit a crime, criminal harassment, larceny over $1,200 and intimidating a witness.

Milanovich entered a plea of guilty to the charges at her arraignment on December 30, and she is scheduled to appear in court at the end of February.

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