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Public Masturbator Gave Beating to Elderly Witness

A Jacksonville, Florida man has been accused of masturbating in a grocery store parking lot and attacking an elderly man who tried to get him to stop.

39-year-old Kerry Vandergriff was in the parking lot of the Miami Mexican grocery store Fresco Y Mas last Saturday afternoon when an elderly man allegedly saw him with his pants pulled down.

The man went up to Vandergriff and reportedly told him to cease his public sexual self-gratification and Vandergriff allegedly became upset by the request, issuing a punch to the senior citizen.

The alleged victim was reported as falling to the ground, and Vandergriff allegedly continued to assault him as he lay on the pavement.

Officers arrived at the scene and reported that the elderly man had a cut on his face.

When the authorities initially interacted with Vandergriff, they alleged that the man showed several physical indications, as well as impaired motor skills, causing them to assert that he was intoxicated. Vandergriff also allegedly smelled like alcohol according to the officers speaking with him.

While he spoke with the officers, Vandergriff was additionally reported as refusing to share his identity with them.

Vandergriff was taken into custody and taken to Kendall Regional Hospital, and while inside one of the hallways, he allegedly resumed his public masturbation in full view of the officers and the medical professionals in the surrounding area.

When he was released from the hospital, Vandergriff was booked into the Turner Guilford Correctional Center. He is facing charges for battery on a person 65 or older, indecent exposure, and disorderly intoxication, for the accusations against him that took place in both the parking lot and the hospital.

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