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Racial Role Playing Request Climaxed in Battery Arrest

A man was charged for domestic violence when a fight broke out after he denied his girlfriend’s proposition for slavery-related role play.

Kenneth Bruce Atkins, 37, and his 35-year-old girlfriend Ashley Renee Edwards share a home together in Bradenton, Florida.

While the interracial couple was spending time together late in the evening on August 6, Edwards reportedly suggested that they take part in a fantasy role-playing scenario wherein Atkins would pretend he was a slave owner and she would act as his slave.

Atkins reportedly became agitated by the proposition and refused to take part in Edwards’ suggestion.

The duo began to engage in an argument wherein harsh words were exchanged, and during the squabble, Edwards asserted that her boyfriend spit on her.

An officer with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office showed up at the couple’s residence in an effort to investigate the cause of the alleged unrest and spoke with both parties.

When Edwards shared her side of the story with the officer she explained that the arguing was initiated when she tried to convince Atkins to assume the role of her slaver and he would not comply.

The officer recorded in the affidavit that when he talked to Atkins about the event the man said he did not make any physical contact with his girlfriend at any point during the incident.

Edwards, who did not suffer any injuries, would not issue an official sworn statement regarding the allegations, and she expressed that she did not want her boyfriend taken into custody over the situation.

Despite the alleged victim’s input, the officer believed there was probable cause to place Atkins under arrest and charge him for simple battery.

Atkins spent the night in the Manatee County Jail and he is scheduled to appear in court next month for the accusations.

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