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Drunk Thief Caught With Brisket and Propane in Pants

An inebriated man who was accused of stealing meat and propane from Walmart also allegedly assaulted one of the police officers involved in his arrest.

While officers were in the loss prevention office in a Nashville Walmart after responding to a call for assistance for a separate incident, they reportedly spotted what they believed was a theft in progress.

The surveillance camera feed, which is monitored in the office, caught the eye of the authorities when they saw someone in the establishment storing merchandise inside his pants.

The loss prevention employee accompanied the officers when they decided to approach the alleged thief, and when they caught up to the suspect it was reported that a beef brisket, in addition to two cans of propane were tucked inside his trousers.

Officers identified the alleged thief as John Allen Honaker and placed him under arrest for suspicion of shoplifting after the store said that they intended to press charges for the attempted heist of the estimated $35 worth of merchandise.

While they were inside the police vehicle it was reported that Honaker was non-compliant and aggressive with his actions. The man allegedly kicked at the windows and began smashing his head against the plastic barrier between the front and back seats, as well as projecting his spit around the interior of the car.

The police car was pulled over and the transporting officer called for backup assistance to try to prevent Honaker from further allegedly destructive acts.

When they made an attempt to restrain his legs with a hobble strap Honaker allegedly swung his foot in the direction of the officer in what was perceived as an attempt to kick him in the head and torso.

It was noted that Honaker reeked of alcohol at the time of his arrest, and the man allegedly confirmed that he had been drinking. He was also reported as becoming snarky when he allegedly told the officers to “leave his drunk *expletive* *expletive* alone.”

Honaker was booked and he is facing a misdemeanor charge for one count of assault against an officer.

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