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Resident Beat Two-Time Burglar with Spiked Bat

A Minnesota man whose house was robbed reportedly modified a baseball bat using razor wire, nails, and screws and beat the suspected thief with it when they returned to his property a second time.

On April 14, an alleged burglar climbed through the window of a Mankato residence in the Eastwood Manor Mobile Home Park and reportedly stole items from the abode.

When the dweller discovered he had been robbed, he checked the surveillance video, and the footage showed the person entering and leaving his home. The man was convinced he recognized the alleged perpetrator as someone who previously stole from one of his neighbors.

According to reports, he did not notify the authorities, but he wrapped a baseball bat with razor wire and made it so that nails and screws were protruding. He reportedly sat with the weapon and awaited the return of the burglar.

The following night, the man left his window open, and the person returned. The resident reportedly chased him outside and began to strike him in the back of the skull with the bat.

The authorities were notified, and officers with the Mankato Department of Public Safety were sent to investigate. When they arrived, they noted the man that got hit with the weapon was bleeding. It was determined that his wounds were severe enough to require immediate medical attention, and he was taken to a local hospital.

When the injured man spoke to the police at the hospital, he allegedly admitted he stole from the man’s home and returned to steal more when he was attacked with the bat.

The alleged burglar was placed under arrest. He is facing charges of two felony counts of burglary.

The resident was also arrested for suspicion of two felony counts of assault with a dangerous weapon.

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