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Woman’s Sonic Dog Contained Baggie of Cocaine

A customer at a Northern New Mexico Sonic restaurant reportedly bit into a small baggie filled with cocaine while she was eating her chili cheese dog, and one of the cooks is being held accountable for the incident.

On May 30, a woman visited a Sonic Drive-In restaurant in Española, New Mexico, and placed an order for a hot dog with chili and cheese.

She was given her food, and when she began to eat, the woman took a bite and realized she had a plastic foreign object in her mouth. She retrieved the item, and she reported that it was a small plastic bag holding a white substance.

The woman notified the authorities about the situation, and she talked to officers and turned over the baggie. Whether or not she ingested any of the contents is unknown at this time.

According to reports, the police tested the powder, and they reported the results identified it as cocaine. They reported that it was a total of one gram inside the bag.

The restaurant has surveillance cameras, and the police were given the kitchen video footage from the time at which the incident occurred. They reviewed the contents, and it was reported that they spotted a cook that was acting suspiciously. He was reportedly rushing around the kitchen while he appeared to be searching for something.

When the man spoke to the investigators, he allegedly told them he bought the drugs from a person in the Sonic parking lot.

He is facing charges of felony possession of a controlled substance.

The Sonic supervisor refrained from providing a comment about the situation.

The customer has retained an attorney to represent her in the matter.

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