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Restaurateur Accused of Choking Customer in Feud over Cold French Fries

On November 3, a man who owns a restaurant in Memphis was implicated as the assailant in an incident involving the choking of a customer who complained about the temperature of the fries in her take-out order.

Rinesha Moore, a frequent customer of Crumpy’s Hot Wings in Memphis, Tennessee, called the restaurant and placed an order for pick up. She reported that she was told her order would be ready in 25-35 minutes.

Moore arrived approximately 45 minutes after placing her order, and upon inspecting her food she noticed that the fries were hot, but they were not steaming hot as they usually were. She’s asked the owner, Donald Crump, if he would replace them with a fresh order.

Crump explained to Moore that she was late in retrieving her order, and he denied her request. She felt that the customer service was poor, and though she admitted to being late arriving to pick up her food she continued arguing with Crump about the fries. Moore stated, “I was probably a little bit late but they told me 25-35 mins over the phone and usually they don’t have the food ready when I get there, so I gave them just a little extra time.”

Four witnesses made statements claiming they saw Crump and Moore continue bickering for several minutes. Moore asked for a refund which the owner also denied, causing her to push her food across the counter resulting in it landing on the floor.

Moore alleged that Crump then pushed her before grabbing her throat and choking her while telling her not to disrespect his store.

In response, Crump stated that he grabbed Moore in an effort to remove her from his business, but he did not choke her.

61-year-old Crump was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. He was released on bond, and he has filed a countersuit against Moore for vandalism due to her throwing food on the floor and refusing to leave his restaurant when asked.

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