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Robbery Suspects Sprayed Home Depot Officer with Scorpion Killer 

One of two alleged thieves at a California Home Depot in Stanislaus County reportedly sprayed a loss prevention officer with scorpion killer spray when confronted about the purported pilfering. 

Early in the afternoon on June 17, two women were at a Home Depot store located in Turlock. 

A loss prevention officer spotted the duo and believed they might have been pocketing items that they did not plan on purchasing. 

The pair allegedly began to walk out of the store with the merchandise. 

The loss prevention officer approached the women, and he began to talk to them about his suspicions. 

The women reportedly became verbally combative with the officer. 

Before they fled the premises, presumably with the shoplifted items, one of the women reportedly retrieved a can of spray intended for killing scorpions. She allegedly aimed it at the officer and dispensed the product in his face. 

It was reported that the suspects, identified as 29-year-old Augustina Chavez from Turlock, and Modesto resident Lacy Gibbons, 32, left together in a vehicle. 

The authorities were notified about the alleged robbery and attack, and they collected a statement from the victim. They also believed they had a good description of the car that the offenders were using. 

On Saturday, law enforcement officers with the Turlock Police Department found the vehicle they believed was used in the escape. 

The police believed that the car belonged to Gibbons. They contacted her and asked her to meet and talk with them about the incident at Home Depot. 

Gibbons was taken into custody immediately after she arrived. 

When Chavez was contacted by the authorities to request that she meet with them about the incident, she declined. 

Gibbons, who is expected to face charges on suspicion of robbery and conspiracy, was incarcerated in the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center prison. 

At this time, the authorities have not yet located Chavez. It is expected that when she is apprehended, she will face the same charges of robbery and conspiracy. 

According to reports, the loss prevention officer was not harmed during the incident. 

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