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Running Back Ollie Gordon II Arrested for DUI

Oklahoma State Cowboys star running back Ollie Gordon II was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol last weekend when the police found two open containers in his vehicle during a traffic stop.

20-year-old Ollie Gordon II began his trek to fame in 2020 when he was dubbed Male High School Athlete of the Year by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. In 2022, he decided to take his career to Oklahoma State, where he remains as the team’s running back.

Early in the morning on June 30, Gordon was driving his Cadillac on the Interstate. A trooper from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol noticed the vehicle as it allegedly sped by at 82 MPH when the posted speed limit was 65. The trooper noted that the car swerved over the lines of the designated lane twice, and they decided to pull over the driver.

When talking to Gordon about the situation, the trooper believed they could smell alcohol coming from inside the vehicle and became suspicious that he might be driving under the influence. Gordon reportedly informed them that he had not been drinking. He alerted the trooper that there were two bottles of alcohol in the car, and they were each half empty.

Gordon, who would not consent to a field sobriety test, was taken into custody. He is facing preliminary charges of DUI under 21 years of age, transporting an open container of alcohol, failing to maintain a single lane of traffic, and speeding 16-20mph over the speed limit. After he was booked into the Cleveland County Jail, the authorities took breath samples that reportedly revealed a BAC of .11 and .10. In the state of Oklahoma, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC of .08 or above.

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