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Intoxicated 14-Year-Old Hid in Freezer During Police Chase

The authorities reported that a 14-year-old boy may face charges after allegedly driving under the influence and leading them on a chase which ended when he hid inside of an outdoor freezer.

On June 28, an officer from the Kent Police Department was patrolling when they reportedly saw a vehicle that was driven through the intersection without stopping at the posted road sign. It was also asserted that the car was being operated erratically, and the officer decided to perform a traffic stop. The driver reportedly ignored it, and when he came to a red light he allegedly failed to stop. The officer trailed behind the vehicle and watched the driver hit a curb and allegedly run another red light. According to reports, the driver kept going despite one of the tires falling off the car, but he slammed into a second curb and could not continue.

The driver immediately got out and ran away from the police, and officers pursued him on foot. The King County Sheriff’s Office also assisted by air with a helicopter, and they were able to keep an eye on the suspect as he headed through the yards of nearby properties. He spotted a freezer that opened from the top, and the authorities reported that he climbed inside.

After approximately 20 minutes of resisting the police when they ordered him to come out of the freezer, they detained him and learned he was only 14 years old.

The teen was taken to the hospital for an ordered blood test to check his BAC. After he was finished at the medical center, the police brought him in to have him fingerprinted. One of his parents picked him up after it was ordered that he did not need to be held at the juvenile detention center. Charges for DUI, eluding, resisting arrest, and obstructing are possible, and the case is still being investigated by the Kent Detective Unit.

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