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School Dean and Wife Gave Pot and Booze to Teens

The dean of a Florida school and his wife were arrested after it was reportedly discovered that they gave marijuana and alcohol to their teenage babysitter and her underage friends for years.

38-year-old Adam Thayer is the dean of students at the Pinellas Academy for Math and Science charter school. Thayer and his wife, 37-year-old Misty Mitchell-Thayer, reside in the unincorporated community of Palm Harbor in Pinellas County, Florida with their 7-year-old twins.

Approximately two years ago, a girl who is now 17-years-old was providing babysitting services for the Thayer’s children.

Throughout the time that the teen worked for the couple, she alleged that they were very laid back with her. She reportedly said that they were alright with her having friends come to their home when she was babysitting.

The Thayers allegedly went out drinking most of the time while the teenager was watching their children. They also reportedly allowed the girl to drink and smoke marijuana with her friends while they were out, in addition to partaking in partying with the teenagers at their home.

When the authorities learned about the situation, they took a statement from the babysitter and collected the text messages between herself and Mitchell-Thayer relating to the allegations.

It was reported that Mitchell-Thayer sent texts encouraging the teen to drink to the point that she passed out, in addition to telling her that there was marijuana in the home if she wanted to smoke.

The police allege that the situation took place about 40 times and had been ongoing for approximately two years.

It was also asserted that the Thayers allowed the inebriated teens to drive.

Adam and Misty were taken into custody and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. They are each facing charges for suspicion of child neglect.

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