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Jail Inmate Escaped From Hospital in Janitor Clothing

A Florida inmate was taken to the hospital for surgery and reportedly got his hands on a janitorial outfit to disguise himself while allegedly escaping from custody.

39-year-old Jermaine Henderson hails from Miami, and he is on probation for a case involving an armed robbery.

On January 5, Henderson was driving through town when two officers saw him and asserted that he was not wearing his seatbelt while operating the vehicle.

When the officers checked Henderson’s ID, it was discovered that the man was on probation for a conviction in 2013 for burglary, resisting arrest, and battery on a law enforcement officer.

The authorities reportedly asked Henderson to get out of his car, but he allegedly refused and started driving away with one of the police officers hanging off of the vehicle.

Henderson was taken into custody, but he needed surgery.

On January 8, Henderson was transported to the Jackson Memorial Hospital for his procedure.

While Henderson was asked to take a shower before the surgery, he allegedly found a breach in the ceiling and used it to escape.

According to the police, Henderson procured and put on a janitorial uniform in a purported attempt to disguise himself.

When he left the hospital wearing the uniform, Henderson was reportedly not wearing shoes.

Despite his lack of footwear, Henderson allegedly made his way through many residential yards, causing dwellers to report it to the police.

After forming a perimeter in the area of the hospital and searching for Henderson, he was found hiding under a vehicle and apprehended within an hour of his alleged escape.

Henderson was taken back to the hospital, and he is expected to face many charges, including fleeing and eluding police, resisting an officer without violence, obstructing a police officer, reckless driving, tampering with physical evidence, and escape.

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