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DUI Suspect Danced Her Way Through Sobriety Tests 

A woman suspected of driving under the influence allegedly performed a couple of different styles of dance for the police during one of the steps of a roadside sobriety test. 

38-year-old Amy Ann Harrington lives in Madeira Beach, Florida. She is employed at a bar located in the nearby city of St. Petersburg. 

It was reported that on April 28, Harrington was driving in Madeira Beach when she got into an accident with another vehicle. Harrington allegedly hit the back of the other driver’s vehicle. 

Officers arrived at the scene, and they talked to Harrington. It was reported that the woman had “the distinct odor of a consumed alcoholic beverage.” They also asserted that her eyes showed indications of someone under the influence of alcohol. 

When the police asked Harrington to do a roadside sobriety test, the woman reportedly consented and began to perform the exercises as she was instructed. She was reportedly unable to maintain her balance while standing. 

It was noted in the police report that Harrington was asked to perform the “walk and turn and one leg stand,” and she started to dance instead. She reportedly danced ballet-style, in addition to showing off some “Irish folk dance moves.” 

It was requested that Harrington take a breath test, but the woman reportedly would not give her consent. 

When the inside of her vehicle was inspected, the officers reportedly discovered a drinking cup holding orange liquid. After a test of the beverage revealed the presence of spirits, they asserted that the beverage contained alcohol. 

Harrington was placed under arrest and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. She is facing a misdemeanor DUI charge in addition to a second misdemeanor charge. She was released from incarceration on a $650 bond the following day. 

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