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Serial Parking Lot Pooper Caught With Her Pants Down

An Ashland woman was taken into custody after she was caught by the authorities while allegedly in the midst of relieving her bowels in front of an outdoor goods store, which she has been accused of doing on several occasions.

On October 30, the owner of Natick Outdoor Store said he spotted a pile of feces in his parking lot and dismissed it as a pre-Halloween gag.

Over time, the man reported that he continued to find heaps of human dung on his business property a minimum of nine times. His surveillance camera was said to have recorded footage of someone pulling into the lot and squatting before pulling away without cleaning up their mess.

When the owner called the police in December to alert them of the alleged activity they started to check into the claims.

On the morning of January 22, an officer was staking out the lot to see if he could catch the alleged perpetrator.

The officer reportedly watched as an SUV resembling the one in the surveillance footage drove onto the lot and stood by until the remainder of the vehicles nearby had departed. Afterward, a woman allegedly exited the SUV and appeared to void her bowels on the pavement before re-entering her vehicle and driving away.

Before chasing after her the officer positively identified the bowel movement and then pursued the alleged perpetrator.

The SUV was pulled over and the driver was identified as 51-year-old Andrea Grocer.

After the officer told Grocer what he watched her do, she reportedly responded by explaining that she works nearby and suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, in addition to needing to take laxatives.

Grocer was taken into custody and she may face eight counts of wanton destruction of property for the stinky situation. She was released without bail and she is scheduled to appear in court at the beginning of March.

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