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Suspect Apprehended for Swiping $1100 Worth of Items From Sex Store

A Houston man has been accused of theft after he reportedly visited a local sex shop and allegedly stole several items on Monday.

On the evening of January 20, 23-year-old Jaquan Thompson, a man currently out on bond who is facing felony theft charges, allegedly went to an adult shop called Katz Boutique.

During his shopping excursion, Thompson reportedly grabbed an assortment of items off the shelves including sex toys, high heeled shoes, lubricant, and at least 21-pieces of lingerie and set them on the counter.

Before he paid for the items Thompson allegedly grabbed the risqué goods and fled from the establishment.

When the authorities were alerted about the alleged incident, they were given an estimate of $1100 for the merchandise missing, purportedly from Thompson’s sticky fingers.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office located Thompson and he was taken into custody for his allegedly immodest thievery.

Thompson was transported and booked into the Harris County Jail where he is facing charges for theft between the amounts of $750 – $2,500.

When his public defender asked that his bond be set at $500, the presiding magistrate denied the order. Thompson’s current arrest, the unrelated felony theft charges from which he was out on bail when the new allegations took place, and other prior charges against him were given as reasons to hold him in custody without bail.

Thompson is scheduled to appear in court for the accusations this Wednesday.

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