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Sleepover Spankings Incited Charges Against Host Mom

A slumber party reportedly resulted in unrest and arrest when the mother who was hosting the gathering allegedly began hitting some of the children in attendance.

Lady Lake resident Erin Nicole Pierce held a sleepover at her home where approximately 20 children gathered to spend the night.

During the event, it was reported that one of the children acted rudely toward Pierce by giving the 29-year-old woman the finger. Pierce allegedly responded by telling the boy to leave and then hitting him with a belt as he was doing so.

Pierce allegedly began spanking other children in attendance and the party began to move from inside to outside as some of the kids decided to leave. One boy reportedly ran home, and four or five children were allegedly struck by Pierce with a shoe, a belt, and/or a metal spoon. One girl was reportedly stopped by Pierce and made to remain at the residence when she was trying to leave.

When the authorities learned of the situation and took statements regarding the alleged assaults some of the kids claimed that Pierce had been drinking alcohol while they were at the sleepover.

The police allegedly saw bruising and marks on some of the children, and based on the presence of those marks in addition to the details provided by the alleged victims they placed Pierce under arrest.

Officers took Pierce to the county jail and booked her on suspicion of several counts of child abuse, and one count of false imprisonment that was based on the allegations that she wouldn’t allow the young girl to leave when she wanted.

Pierce was released from custody after paying $15,000 bond and she is awaiting her arraignment which is scheduled for February 19.

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