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Masturbation in Target Store Climaxed With Three Arrests

Three people are facing several charges after the police located a man suspected of masturbating inside a Target store, and encountered two other people in the residence that they alleged were breaking the law.

A Target located in Dover called the police on January 19 to report an incident involving someone who had allegedly visited the dressing room and left the door open while using the location as a venue for public masturbation. The suspect was also reported as driving off in a gold Jaguar.

On January 24, the same Target notified the authorities a second time regarding an identical incident that they believed involved the same person, and it was alleged that the suspect left the premises in an automobile matching the description of the previous report as well.

After investigating the reports the police believed that the person responsible for the wanton behavior was 23-year-old Lewis Foreman.

Later in the morning after the second alleged incident was reported from Target the police found Foreman, and they reported that he tried to dodge them by running into a residence.

When the officers entered the home they allegedly came across a child, age 3, in a bedroom alone.

As they went into the attic the police saw Foreman and a woman identified as 20-year-old Tyra Mifflin. The officers believe that Foreman and Mifflin were in the attic in an attempt to hide from them.

Both Foreman and Mifflin left the attic and cooperated with the police while the home was inspected. 8.75 pounds of marijuana, over $4,000 that the officers believe was from the sales of the cannabis, and paraphernalia was allegedly found during the search.

A woman identified as 29-year-old Keyarra Johnson came to the home while the authorities were there and they purported that she was connected to the alleged illegal drug activity, and leaving the toddler unattended.

Mifflin and Johnson were taken into custody on suspicion of possession with intent to deliver marijuana, possession of marijuana, second-degree conspiracy, endangering the welfare of a child, and drug paraphernalia. They each made arrangements to meet their ordered $11,250 unsecured bond and they were released from custody pending their upcoming court dates.

Foreman was arrested for the allegations made against him for the Target incidents in addition to the items found in the home, and he is facing two counts indecent exposure, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, possession of marijuana, second-degree conspiracy, endangering the welfare of a child, and drug paraphernalia. After paying a cash bond in the amount of $8,750 he was released from jail.

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