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Student on Acid Grabbed Staff’s Breasts and Choked Nurse

A teenager who was allegedly under the influence of LSD while at school is facing charges after being accused of handling the breasts of three employees and trying to choke a nurse at the hospital with her stethoscope.

On January 16, a student at Liberty High School in Ohio allegedly began acting in inappropriate ways when he reportedly earnestly grabbed the breasts of a woman who works at the school as a teacher.

The school’s resource officer reported that he heard what sounded like a female yelling and he quickly made his way to the area in which he heard the ruckus.

The officer stated that when he got to the hallway where the teacher who yelled was located he saw a teenager running out of the school and allegedly making an attempt to leave the campus. The resource officer followed him and stopped him before he could depart.

On the way back in, the student allegedly beckoned a secretary rudely by addressing her as “bitch” before grabbing her breasts and backside.

The resource officer decided that he should secure the suspect in handcuffs and he was reportedly not cooperative leading to two school staff members assisting in detaining the boy, but not before the teen allegedly grabbed the principal’s breasts as well.

Throughout the entire incident the resource officer, alleged victims, and witnesses said that the boy was uttering nonsensical phrases that were mostly sexual in nature.

The suspect was seated in the back of a police car as an ambulance dispatched to the scene so that he could be treated at the hospital. While inside the car it was reported that the boy started to lick the windows and kick the partition.

When the medics arrived, the boy allegedly told one of them that he had taken LSD that his dog gave him. While being checked over at the hospital he allegedly declared that he was “an Avenger,” possibly referring to the popular team of Marvel superheroes.

As a nurse who was present during the teenager’s exam reportedly came within his reach he allegedly grabbed the stethoscope that was around her neck and pulled it around the front, reportedly constricting her breathing for a short time.

After he was given treatment at the hospital the teen was taken into custody and jailed in the county juvenile detention center on suspicion of assault, vandalism, resisting arrest, and gross sexual imposition.

The school released the student’s backpack and items to the authorities and they had his vaping system sent to a lab to test it to find out if it contained drugs.

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