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Stripper Arrested for Throwing Cash at Customer

An exotic dancer was arrested in a Florida strip club after allegedly slapping and tossing a wad of cash in the face of a non-tipping patron.

Late in the evening on February 27, business was in full swing at the topless strip club “Body Talk” in Port St. Lucie. One of the male patrons had been in the establishment for a while. Much of his time there was spent drinking and talking to some of the workers until he reportedly found himself involved in an incident that led to one of the dancers being arrested.

It was reported that the man was causing some employees to become hostile towards him. He spoke openly about his career and financial success but failed to provide gratuities, though that is a standard practice in the club. One of the employees reportedly confronted him about his behavior, and she allegedly slapped him with a small pile of cash. She also reportedly slapped him across the face.

The authorities were notified, and law enforcement went to the club to investigate the situation. While there, they watched the surveillance video containing the incident, and they reportedly saw the woman throw money at the man. They also believed they saw her strike him and spit on him.

When the alleged victim talked to the police, he said he did not realize he was required to tip the employees. The arrest report reflected that he had redness on his face.

The woman gave her side of the story and said she was just being playful and did not throw the money with force. The police believed she was the aggressor in the incident, and she was taken into custody.

The woman was booked into the county jail on suspicion of battery – touch or strike. She was released after posting a $500 bond.

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