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Suspect With Dead Man’s Stolen Debit Card Apprehended

When the police accused a man of using the debit card of an alleged victim that was deceased, the suspect reportedly tried to consume the plastic before it could be confiscated.

On March 16, a man later identified as 37-year-old Jose Herrera was reportedly frequenting the Disney Springs complex in Orlando, Florida and shopping for items with a debit card.

When Herrera attempted to buy jewelry with the card, Disney security held him while the authorities were notified due to the suspicion that it may have been a fraud.

Deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office went to the complex and met with the suspect at the front of the establishment. They began to search Herrera for items on his person that might be illegal.

A small plastic bag with white powder was allegedly located in Herrera’s pants pocket, and the man reportedly brazenly told the deputies that the substance inside was cocaine.

Before he was spoken to about the credit card allegations, it was reported that onlooking officers viewed as Herrera allegedly tried to swallow the card in question.

While investigating the name on the card that was reported as the one used at Disney Springs, the authorities reportedly found that it belonged to a man in Ohio who had passed away.

According to news sources Herrera was able to buy $740 in merchandise, in addition to a beverage with the purportedly stolen bank card.

Herrera was taken into custody, and he is likely to face charges for fraud of a person who is deceased, possession of cocaine, possession of a stolen credit card, and making false statements to law enforcement while under oath.

It was reported that the authorities found over a dozen separate cards that they believe Herrera stole in addition to the initial card they were notified of.

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