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Suspect Arrested for Breaking Senator’s Glass Door

After a brick was found lodged in the broken glass of Senator Mark Warner’s office building door the authorities apprehended the man that they believe is responsible for the damage and he is facing felony charges.

On Monday morning before business hours, someone broke the glass on the front door to the Roanoke, Virginia, office of United States Senator Mark Warner. None of the employees had arrived yet when the incident occurred, and upon its discovery, the vandalism was reported to the police.

Before they were told of the brick that had smashed the senator’s door, the police had received notification around 7:30 am alerting them of a man that had been seen walking around in the downtown area carrying bricks, but they were not able to find the person right away when they searched for him.

When the police tracked down the man that they believed was the person reportedly seen toting the bricks around they also suspected he was responsible for the damage done to the glass door at Senator Warner’s office.

The suspect, 36-year-old James Trainor, was taken into custody and booked into the Roanoke City Jail where he was held on suspicion of one count of felony property damage, and no bail amount was set for his release.

A property damage charge does not hold a higher penalty at a senator’s office than it would if it had taken place at another location in the public.

The authorities are still trying to determine whether or not the senator’s office was targeted for a specific reason or if it was just a random happening.

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