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Suspect Arrested for Christmas Ham Assault

When a man and woman got into an argument regarding Christmas dinner plans he allegedly assaulted both the woman and the ham intended for the meal after he reportedly threw the meat at her.

On Sunday night a disagreement between a man and woman started when they didn’t see eye to eye over which day the family should have their Christmas dinner.

The man, 21-year-old David Brannon, allegedly got very upset and picked up the ham that was to be served and threw it, in addition to other dinner items, at the woman.

When the authorities were called about a domestic dispute and came to the residence the responding deputies allege that Brannon tried to run away before they could investigate the claims that were reported.

Brannon did not get far before the deputies caught up to him and detained him.

When inspecting inside of the home it was reported that there were objects on the floor that they believed were a part of the purported one-way food fight.

Brannon was taken into custody and he is facing charges for suspicion of assault, and fleeing or evading police. He was booked into the county jail in lieu of $1000 for the alleged evasion of police charge, but a bond amount has not been decided for the suspected assault.

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