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Suspect Arrested for Using Grabby Hands on Buttocks as Greeting

A man in Walmart was accused of grabbing a female shopper twice by the backside as his alleged preferred way of interacting with women with whom he is trying to become acquainted.

30-year-old Juan Antonio Velez, who is listed as being a resident of Lebanon, Tennessee, was reportedly in a Walmart located in Largo, Florida around noon on April 20.

While he was walking around the store Velez reportedly saw a 29-year-old woman who caught his attention, and he allegedly decided he would try to interact with her.

The woman reported that she spotted Velez as she was shopping for her items and she got the impression that he was trailing her around the store. She alleged that a short time after Velez approached her and squeezed her buttocks.

The alleged victim of the reportedly unwelcome introduction was said to have occurred a second time when Velez grasped her butt as she was making her way through the self-checkout area to finish her shopping.

After Velez’s second alleged hands-on approach the woman said she verbalized her wish for him to keep his hands off of her, and then told the manager on duty what had reportedly transpired. She additionally was reported as expressing fear, so she was held in a private office where she waited for the police to arrive.

The authorities reported that the alleged victim’s claims appeared to coincide with the surveillance video recorded in Walmart and they located Velez.

When police placed Velez under arrest and reportedly read him his Miranda Rights they asserted that he waived his right to remain silent, and then allegedly told them he did what he was accused of because it “is how he talks to women.”

Velez was booked into the county jail on a $500 bond, and he is facing charges for misdemeanor simple battery.

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