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Suspect Blames Horse For Home Burglary

A man suspected of burglarizing a home last Thursday tried to buck the accusation when he said a horse was the actual perpetrator.

Steve Ferguson bought a home in Pasco County, Florida, last year with the intention of repairing and restoring it before listing it as a rental.

Ferguson, who held the belief that the location of his new house was in a neighborhood that was frequently targeted for break-ins, installed a security system on his property since he would not be living there and wanted to keep watch over the home. He also posted “No Trespassing” signs as an additional attempt to deter criminal activity.

On July 25, Ferguson reportedly got multiple notifications on his cell phone showing video footage of a person with a horse walking on his property.

After notifying the Sheriff’s Office about the possible problem Ferguson went to the home and allegedly saw a horse galloping down the road when he first approached.

While the Sheriff’s deputies combed the area a man reportedly came up to them and made an inquiry as to whether they had seen a horse.

Since a horse was reported as being involved in the event they were inspecting, the man, identified as 52-year-old Lonnie Maddox, was detained and questioned.

The authorities have alleged that Maddox informed them that a broken fence around the property tempted his horse to run into the yard and he followed so that he could catch it. He was additionally reported as saying he wanted to see if he could rent the house and decided to take a look at the inside.

When Ferguson and Maddox discussed the situation face-to-face Maddox allegedly told the man that his horse was responsible for his presence on the property. Ferguson remained doubtful that Maddox was being forthcoming about the true events that took place and informed the man that his cameras caught him while he was standing at the locked front door.

A broken window was found in the back of the house and Maddox was accused of causing the destruction as a way to get inside.

According to the owner, nothing was missing from the home, but Maddox is being charged with burglary for the allegations.

The horse was returned to its owner and reported as being in good health.

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