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Child Charged With Aggravated Assault For Playground Mishap

A Canton, Michigan, 10-year-old boy has been accused of aggravated assault after another child was injured on the playground while they were playing ball together.

At the end of April, two boys were playing ball on the school campus at Ruth Eriksson Elementary School. The game they were taking part in was reportedly similar to dodgeball, but the ball is thrown into the air instead of aiming for the opponents.

While the boys tossed the ball, it accidentally hit one of them in the face causing him to sustain a black eye and bruising from the impact.

The boy who was injured returned home after school and his mother reportedly became very upset. Her son has a medical condition that makes any impacts to his head more dangerous than for the average child, and she said that it wasn’t the first time he had been hurt despite her notifications to the school each time it happened.

The alleged victim’s mom decided to file a police report, and she told the authorities that another child at the school, 10-year-old Bryce Lindley, threw the ball at her son with force and on purpose. It was also reported that her child had a concussion as a result of the incident.

On July 24, Bryce’s mother Cameishi Lindley was notified by the Wayne County Juvenile Court informing her of the criminal charge against her son for suspicion of aggravated assault.

During an interview, Lindley said she was stunned by the allegations. When she found out that the injured child has a medical condition that worsened the situation Lindley was puzzled by the fact that the boy was allowed to participate in a game that would pose such a threat. She additionally expressed her sympathy about the fact that a child had been hurt.

When the story began to circulate the internet, several social media users left heated comments about the incident asserting their belief that the child is being unfairly targeted because he is black.

Bryce Lindley was issued a one-week suspension from school due to the allegations, and he is scheduled to appear in juvenile court for a pretrial on August 1.

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