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Suspect Responds with Humorous Pop Culture Phrase during Arrest

When a man was pulled over by an officer on Monday because one of the lights surrounding his license plate was burned out he was allegedly discovered with a package hidden in the front of his pants that reportedly contained drugs. When the officer inquired about it the man reportedly made a failed attempt at humor as he was placed under arrest.

A Vero Beach sheriff’s deputy performed a traffic stop on a car when he noticed that a light in the back of a vehicle that is meant for illuminating the license plate was burned out.

When the deputy approached the driver, 31-year-old Brandon McComas, he reported that he noticed he was trying to hide “a large bulge in his left front pocket with his arm.” When McComas got out of the car as ordered by the deputy he was patted down and the deputy reported feeling concern that the alleged suspect may have been carrying a weapon.

As recorded in the affidavit, when the deputy asked McComas to identify the “long cylindrical object,” McComas reportedly responded, “that’s what she said,” quoting a line often used by a character on the popular comedy series The Office.

McComas was placed under arrest and his humor did not entertain the deputy, who was still unable to tell whether the package contained something that could put him in danger.

The deputy reported that McComas then disclosed that the container was holding marijuana. Upon inspection, the plastic case was said to have a gram of marijuana and a pipe inside of it. Another piece of paraphernalia inside of the vehicle was also reportedly recovered during the search.

McComas was taken to jail and given citations for the burned out light, and possession of marijuana. He was released the following morning after paying $500 bond.

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