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Woman Lured Robbery Victims with Poisonous Kiss

A woman is facing charges after accusations that she enticed three men she had met in New York nightclubs and kissed them with a substance in her mouth leaving them unconscious while she allegedly stole over $100,000 of goods from them collectively.

After three reported jewelry robberies took place over the past year with the alleged victims being men who were visiting nightclubs, the authorities have identified 22-year-old Ocsetta Tinsley as the alleged perpetrator of the thefts.

In August 2017, Tinsley reportedly made the acquaintance of a 44-year-old man when she was the patron of the same New York nightclub he was in. When the man invited her back to his apartment she allegedly took jewelry valued at nearly $80,000 from his home without his consent.

In a more recent report, Tinsley was accused of going to a nightclub in Manhattan on June 6, where she met a 52-year-old man who believes he was the victim of being drugged by her. She reportedly stole his $20,000 Rolex timepiece, in addition to a few hundred dollars, while he was in a state of unconsciousness.

On June 16, Tinsley allegedly accompanied a 29-year-old man back to his room at the Dream Hotel. After he reported that he believed he had blacked out from being given drugs without his knowledge Tinsley purportedly stole his watch valued at $26,000 before leaving.

An officer was at the Dream Hotel on August 11, and when he saw Tinsley in the establishment he believed she matched the description of a suspect that he had seen on a wanted poster.

Tinsley was taken into custody and charged with grand larceny, and one count of weapons possession when she was allegedly discovered carrying a knife.

Records indicate that the authorities believe Tinsley was placing narcotics in her mouth and allowing them to dissolve when she took a sip of a drink giving her the opportunity to drug her alleged victims through a kiss before taking off with their goods.

Tinsley was jailed at Riker’s Island in lieu of $75,000 bail and she is scheduled to appear in court for the allegations on September 16.

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