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Police Made Unexpected Discovery During Domestic Dispute Visit

When the police went to a residence the day after a domestic violence event was reported they had their attention turned to an alleged stash of illegal items inside of the home.

Kennett County Police Department officers arrived at the residence of 23-year-old Taja Rena Welton on Thursday afternoon regarding a domestic dispute claim reported on Wednesday. Welton answered the door to speak with them, and the police reported detecting a strong smell resembling marijuana.

The officers asked Welton if they could come inside and look around and she allegedly consented and escorted them through her home, where a 4-year-old child was also residing. While walking through as the police performed their inspected Welton was allegedly caught trying to hide a sizeable bag containing what they purported was synthetic marijuana. They also allegedly found a tray covered with what they believed was the same substance inside of the bag.

Synthetic marijuana, which is also sometimes called Spice or K2, differs from the cannabis plant because it is created chemically with the intent to stimulate the same part of the brain that THC in marijuana does.

The authorities contacted child welfare services and detained Welton while they obtained a warrant granting them legal permission to search the residence.

During that search, the police allegedly discovered synthetic marijuana, marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine, along with two firearms.

Welton was taken into custody for allegations of endangering the welfare of a child, possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute, and unlawful use of a weapon.

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