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Theft Suspects Hid Their Identities With Medical Masks


Three men in Tennessee allegedly covered their faces using surgical masks in a purported attempt to shield their identities from the authorities when they reportedly stole thousands of dollars’ worth of cigarettes from a delivery truck.

On March 16, a delivery driver parked his truck on the side of the convenience store area at an Exxon gas station in Memphis and departed the vehicle.

When he peered back at his truck, the driver reported that he spotted a few people hurriedly removing many boxes filled with the cigarettes intended for his deliveries and placing them into a dark van.

The suspected thieves were wearing clothing, such as hooded sweatshirts, in an assumed effort to hide who they were from possible onlookers or cameras in the area. They were also reportedly seen with surgical masks covering a sizeable portion of their faces.

The owner of the Exxon station reported to a local news outlet that the event took place in a matter of seconds, but his surveillance cameras captured the alleged heist as it happened. It was additionally reported that the estimated value of the allegedly stolen cigarettes was $11,000.

The authorities became aware of the situation and were able to detain two of the three men they believe were responsible for the cigarette thefts because they were trailing behind the cigarette truck at the time. The third suspect was not captured at the time.

When they caught up with the two suspects, the police identified the men as 27-year-old C.W. Williams and 24-year-old Martavious Farley.

Williams and Farley were placed under arrest for the accusations, and they are facing theft charges, in addition to charges for evading arrest.

Williams and Farley were each held in lieu of $30,000 bond, and both men were released the following day.

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