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Suspects Used Stranger’s Yard For Outdoor Tryst

Two suspects who were reportedly under the influence of alcohol were arrested after they were accused of having a sexual encounter in a yard that belonging to someone they did not know.

A Key West resident was enjoying a Monday afternoon by relaxing with a book when she allegedly overheard an argument coming from the area outside her window.

When the woman went to inspect the source of the purported dispute, instead of finding a fight in progress she allegedly spotted a man and woman partaking in sexual intercourse against a wall in the yard on the side of her home.

The resident notified the authorities about what she witnessed, and officers from the Palm Beach Police Department went to her home to investigate her claim.

The police reportedly came across two individuals laying on the ground in the yard identified as 36-year-old Stephen James Dean and Teresa Ann Behan, 49.

When speaking with the pair, who were reportedly talking unintelligibly, the officers noted that they both behaved and smelled as if they had consumed quite a bit of alcohol.

Behan allegedly said that two were walking together in the area, which is very close to the ocean when Dean took a spill and tumbled over the wall and onto the ground. She additionally explained that she was on the ground with Dean in an attempt to console and assist him. According to the police report, a few minutes later she allegedly “changed her story,” and said that she knew the person who lived in the residence.

Dean, who was allegedly more candid with his input to the discussion, was reported as saying that he and his companion were having sex in the yard.

Behan and Dean were arrested, but not before Behan allegedly became uncooperative and got physical with an officer by punching him and kicking him in the crotch.

Dean and Behan are each facing charges for suspicion of misdemeanor indecent exposure and trespassing, and due to her alleged struggle during detainment Behan was charged with two felonies.

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