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Felon and Parolee Arrested For Firearm Possession

A man who is currently on parole and his passenger who was previously convicted of a felony are both facing charges after police pulled them over and alleged that they had a loaded firearm and drugs in the vehicle.

Just before 8:30 pm on Monday, officers with the Bakersfield Police Department performed a traffic stop on a vehicle with a male driver and one passenger.

Upon approaching the car one of the people inside was identified as 26-year-old Tremaine Jones and the driver was recorded as Deshon Forbes.

The authorities learned that Forbes is on active parole from the California Department of Corrections, and Jones was previously convicted for a felony.

Due to Forbes’ parolee status, the officers performed a search of the vehicle in an attempt to find out if there was anything illegal stored inside.

When they looked on the passenger side in the back, a loaded revolver was allegedly sitting on the floor behind the seat Jones was occupying. Jones reportedly responded to their discovery by making an attempt to run away on foot, but the officers quickly caught up with him. The officers additionally alleged that a baggie of methamphetamine was found on Jones when they searched his person.

Jones and Forbes were both placed under arrest and booked into the Kern County Jail.

Since Jones is a convicted felon, which means he is disallowed from having any firearms, he is expected to face several felony charges for suspicion of being in possession of the one allegedly found in the vehicle. He is also being charged for possession of methamphetamine, and resisting arrest. His bail was set at $135,000.

25-year-old Forbes, who is accused of violating the terms of his probation, has been charged for that infraction.

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