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A Providence man was arrested after allegedly robbing a local strip club at gunpoint and taking $22,000 in $1 bills. 

In the middle of the afternoon on July 18, a manager of The Cadillac Lounge adult entertainment club was counting money in his office before the establishment opened for the day. 

According to reports, a man wearing a mask entered the club and walked into the manager’s office. The man reportedly pulled out a gun and held it up to the manager’s head, ordering him not to look at him. 

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While his grandmother’s funeral was taking place a man allegedly broke into his grandfather’s residence and took guns without permission.

26-year-old Cameron Michael Reine’s grandmother passed away recently and her funeral was held last Thursday.

While the rest of his family paid their final respects to his grandmother, Reine allegedly used the time as a chance to break in and steal from their Evansville home while his grandfather was at the service.

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