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One of the candidates running for the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners spent last weekend in jail after being accused of assaulting a woman by throwing a live tarantula at her during a disagreement.

30-year-old Marisa Christina Simonetti is a conservative running for Hennepin County Commissioner District 6. On her campaign website she says, “I believe a safe home and family are the foundation of a community’s growth, safety, and long term success,” but on June 21, alleged unsafety in the home where she currently resides resulted in her facing potential criminal charges.

Simonetti was reportedly living with another woman who was temporarily renting out a different part of the house through Airbnb while she was studying for the California Bar exam. The short-term resident sent messages to Simonetti to complain about problems with the internet, in addition to what she believed was a spider infestation. The pair reportedly butted heads, and though Simonetti does not own the home, she allegedly tried to evict the other woman from the premises.

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A father and his girlfriend have been accused of child abuse and kidnapping after it was discovered that the couple had allegedly been forcing the man’s son into a locked space underneath the staircase for hours at a time over a suspected period of two to three months.

30-year-old Alex Craig Shadlow, and his 39-year-old girlfriend, Traci Lynn Tyler, share a home in Ackley, Iowa, along with Shadlow’s 8-year-old son.

During the summer in 2017, Shadlow and Tyler were reported to the police when their neighbors saw that they had placed the child inside of a tent to sleep for the night in the backyard during a lightning storm with heavy rain. The officer who investigated the claim made by the neighbor reported the incident to the Iowa Department of Human Services.

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