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A gas station worker in Arkansas was arrested after her employer named her the culprit when they reportedly found someone had stolen approximately $20,000 from the business by entering fake gas pump transactions.

Recently, a manager at the Circle K Convenience Store and Gas Station was looking over the books and doing the audits when they reportedly noticed a huge discrepancy in the numbers. It was reported that the business has an inventory process where they check the amount of money entered at the pumps against the amount of gas paid for. The manager found many transactions where money entered at the pumps was not accounted for, and they began investigating the situation.

According to reports, the situation was traced back several years, and between May 2023 and February 2024, it was found that approximately $20,000 was missing. After checking with the company that monitors the pumps, the management began to suspect the money had been stolen.

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Earlier this month, a Louisiana man who was wanted for years on warrants for crimes he allegedly committed between 2022 and 2024 was located and arrested on multiple charges.

According to reports, in 2022, a now 32-year-old man from Shreveport was involved in an incident on July 8 that led to his being accused of domestic violence on a woman who was pregnant at the time. The suspect evaded the authorities, so they issued an alert asking the public to help them locate him.

In 2023, a woman and her child were in their residence when a man suddenly and unexpectedly walked in. He reportedly grabbed a broom and began striking them. When the police investigated the incident, they believed it was the person involved in the event the previous July. They continued their search, but the man fled and continued to stay off the police’s radar.

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A Florida couple has been accused of abusing one of their adopted children by locking him in the garage from the outside regularly over the course of five years. 

46-year-old Tracy Ferriter and her husband Timothy Ferriter, also 46, reside in the Egret Landing community in Jupiter, Florida. They are the adoptive parents of four children. 

One of their children is a 14-year-old boy. 

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