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Teacher Charged for Giving Teen COVID Vaccine without Consent 

A biology teacher in New York was arrested after the police were told that she gave a student a COVID vaccine in her home without first getting permission from his parents. 

54-year-old Laura Parker Russo resides in Long Island, New York. She is a biology teacher for Herricks County Public Schools. 

The woman has a teenage son, and Russo was reportedly at home when the boy had a 17-year-old friend come over for a visit. 

While the friend was at the residence, he told Russo that he wanted to get a COVID vaccine but had not yet done so. Russo allegedly administered a dose of what was asserted to be the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to the teen. 

A video of the occasion was recorded, and it was uploaded to the internet where it was seen by many people.   

When the boy went back to his home, he told his mom that he had gotten a vaccine from Russo. 

His mother reacted strongly to the news, and she called the authorities to let them know about what her son said took place. 

Russo was placed under arrest on New Year’s Eve. She is facing charges of unauthorized practice of a profession, and she is scheduled to appear in court for the accusation on January 21. 

According to reports, Russo has been taken out of the classroom as a result of the allegations.  

Although the school board announced that the situation was not connected to the school since it did not occur there, she has been reassigned to a different position while the investigation is ongoing. 

How Russo may have obtained a dose of the vaccine has not yet been disclosed. 

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