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Job Applicant Robbed Sex Toys from Adult Store 

A Pennsylvania man has been accused of stealing merchandise and trying to harm an employee at an adult shop where he previously applied for a job. 

It was reported that on the evening of December 27, a man in a hooded coat entered the Adult World store in North Wales. 

The man reportedly walked around the store and picked up two sex toys before he exited the establishment. The employee on duty at the time said that the person made no attempt to pay for the merchandise before leaving the building. 

The worker reported that he chased after the man to try to stop him from leaving with the products. The employee said that he “grabbed him in a chokehold from behind.” He additionally reported that the man responded by telling him, “Let go of me right now before I f*&(ing stab you!” 

The authorities were notified, and when they arrived, the employee let them know that he was threatened by the man.  

The worker also told the police that the suspect was 29-year-old Jacob McFarland, who had previously turned in job applications at the store. 

According to the police report, McFarland was at a hotel next door to the adult shop, and he was found within minutes. 

McFarland was apprehended and searched, and the officer reported that the man was holding a locked backpack. It was also reported that McFarland had a knife on his person. 

McFarland was booked into Montgomery County Jail on a $5,000 bond. He is facing charges for suspicion of felony robbery, misdemeanor retail theft, and misdemeanor making terroristic threats. 

The total amount of the two toys McFarland has been accused of taking is $346.00. 

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