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Teen Amateur Producers Arrested For “Viral” Video Creation

When two Florida teenagers allegedly used a Walmart as the stage, and the patrons as the unknowing cast for the reportedly humorous COVID-19 internet video they were recording, they arrested for the antics.

Amos Troublefield and Antonio Green are a duo of 18-year-olds who reportedly produce videos and upload the content to YouTube for viewers to enjoy.

On May 9, the pair reportedly went to Walmart in Vero Beach to collect the footage for their next online feature, with the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic as its focus.

Troublefield and Green reportedly grabbed bottles of Febreze freshener spray from the shelf and dispersed in a hunt around the store for unsuspecting shoppers. When they came across patrons they would allegedly hide the Febreze under their arm and spritz the product in the direction of the people after coughing on them.

According to the arrest report, after a while, the men allegedly took off from the store in a white truck.

The Indian River Sheriff’s Office was given notification of the incident including a description of the vehicle and the direction in which they appeared to be heading.

While a deputy was driving, they saw a vehicle matching the description of the one reported in the Walmart event, and the truck was pulled over.

The deputy spoke with Troublefield and Green regarding the claims about what they had done in the store and they allegedly admitted they were recording footage for their YouTube video. The also reportedly said their reason for behaving that way during the current pandemic was due to “trying to be funny.”

Troublefield and Green, who allegedly failed to pay for the Febreeze and cost the store an estimated $5 in product loss, were placed under arrest and booked into the county jail.

They are each facing charges for misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and shoplifting.

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