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Security Guard Attacked While Trying to Enforce Face Mask Rule

Two men reportedly refusing to wear face coverings while vising a Los Angeles Target store allegedly assaulted one of the security guards as they were being ejected from the premises.

On May 1, at a Target in Van Nuys, two men were reported as walking into the store without anything covering their faces, which is against the current store policy put in place in compliance with the mayor’s Safer at Home order.

According to the Los Angeles’ “Safer at Home Emergency Order,” the places that are currently open can refuse service to those without coverings who enter their establishments since the order specifies that all visitors “must wear face coverings over their noses and mouths.”

Three Target security guards intervened when the two men reportedly would not cooperate by putting on masks, and the men were told they would have to leave.

The security guards were seen on store security footage as they ushered the two men, later identified as 31-year-old Phillip Hamilton, and 29-year-old Paul Hamilton, toward the door.

As they walked down one of the aisles, the video shows one of the men as he reportedly turned and punched one of the guards resulting in them both landing on the ground. The security guard was reported as having a broken arm as a result of the alleged altercation.

The other man reportedly started scrapping with the remaining two security guards, and a couple of shoppers can be seen in the footage as they approached the ongoing situation.

The suspects reportedly took off but were found by the police later that day.

Upon their arrest, it was reported that both men are homeless and staying in the Los Angeles area.

Phillip and Paul Hamilton were booked for suspicion of felony battery and incarcerated overnight in lieu of an initially ordered $50,000 bail amount.

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