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Teen Files Assault Lawsuit against UFC Champion Michael Bisping

A 19-year-old college student filed a lawsuit against UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping on Monday, alleging that the fighter physically assaulted him at a local Anaheim gym in July.

The complaint, filed by Antonio Georgakopoulous, stated that the teenager was at a 24-Hour Fitness working out with a friend on July 31, when the alleged incident took place. Georgakopoulous claimed that when he picked up a set of nearby weights Bisping began shouting at him that he was already using those weights. He called Georgakopoulous names such as “idiot,” and “you little punk,” and proclaimed, “You don’t know who I am!” before choking him for a few seconds which caused him to believe he was going to lose consciousness.

A larger man at the gym reportedly intervened trying to get the situation under control. According to the complaint Bisping then requested they take the scuffle outside, but employees of the gym arrived and diffused the dispute.

Anaheim police responded and decided not to take Bisping into custody at that time. The City Attorney’s office did not believe there was sufficient evidence, and they declined to open a case against the accused.

The day following the alleged assault Georgakopoulos was treated by a specialist for what he described as intense throat pain, and he reported suffering from sleep issues and anxiety due to the altercation with Bisping.

The accusations against Bisping include assault, battery, emotional distress, and false imprisonment. Additionally, Ultimate Fighting Championship, their parent company WME-IMG, and 24-Hour Fitness are named in the claim.

Georgakopoulos’ and Bisping’s legal representation have thus far declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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