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Woman Operating Unlicensed Daycare Charged with Child Abuse

A mother with a 2-year-old child enrolled at a daycare operating out of a woman’s home in Charlotte, North Carolina, reported the caregiver to the authorities for alleged child abuse after finding a significant amount of bruising on her daughter.

Stella Mack provides childcare out of her home-based business called “Mom’s Timeout.” The mother who filed the complaint, who requested to remain anonymous, stated that she thought Mack was a reputable person that she could trust. She discovered bruises on her daughter which worsened the next day, and that is when she notified law enforcement.

The mother claimed, “This couldn’t have been something just like a small spanking because she was bruised for four days.” Mack allegedly sent text message communication to the mom stating that she had caused the bruising, and that she did not realize she had beaten the child that badly.

North Carolina regulations regarding home-based daycares requires that if a person is caring for more than two children they must obtain a license from the state. The mother claimed that she saw up to eight children present on a regular basis ranging in age from newborn to 4, though Mack does not appear to have a state license for her business.

64-year-old Mack has been charged with misdemeanor child abuse, and she was released from jail after paying an ordered $2,500 bond. She is scheduled to appear in court on December 8. She has chosen to withhold comments or statements about the allegations without her lawyer present.

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