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Teen May Face Charges for Leaving Bus Driver with a Bloody Head

On Thursday afternoon in Stafford County, Virginia, a teenager was accused of assaulting a school bus driver after having a verbal altercation over the release of one of the students on the bus.

Between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. a teenage boy approached a school bus in order to pick up one of the student riders. The driver of the bus was a substitute, and he possessed a list from the school instructing him of who he had permission to release each child into the care of. The boy’s name did not appear on the list for the child he was trying to chaperone, and the driver explained that he would have to call the school for permission before he could allow the student to exit the bus.

The boy, who deputies later identified as the brother of the child he was attempting to retrieve, allegedly became angered and entered the bus. It was reported that they began arguing and the teen punched the bus driver in the face leaving an open wound on his forehead. In addition, the bus monitor on board was hit in the face while attempting to guard the students.

Stafford County Sheriff’s deputies dispatched to the scene and discovered that the bus driver’s forehead was wounded and bleeding. The boy, who authorities reportedly discovered was going through “serious family issues,” had a criminal complaint for two counts of assault and battery submitted to Juvenile Detention Services on his behalf, and no detention was advised.

Paramedics examined and tended to the bus driver’s wound at the scene and he was released.

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